A Simple Diet Plan to Reduce Belly Fat

A simple diet plan to reduce belly fat.With fast lifestyle and multi-tasking becoming a routine, dependability on fast food and lack of exercise has almost become a norm. Many people today are giving up on exercise, either due to lack of time or other reasons. While this may not affect everyone the same way, there are many who can see a whole lot of difference, especially around their waist.   Everyone wants to reduce fat from some part of the body. And the most common problem area is the TUMMY.

Belly fat:Picture from Pixabay

Diet Plan to Reduce Belly Fat:

Below are some food options as a diet plan to reduce belly fat. The main thing here is to focus on foods that are high in Mono-saturated Fats as they help burn belly fat.

The foods high in Mono-saturated Fats include:

  1. Oatmeal- There is still much debate whether it’s good for you or not. But the fact is that oatmeal tastes great and it keeps you fuller for so much longer than any other food. It’s also filled with fibre. Make sure to opt for plain oats rather than the flavoured kind, as the latter is filled with artificial flavouring and sugar.
  2. Almonds:These are rich in mono-saturated fat and contain Vitamin E. Both fats and Vitamin E combat belly fat and help reduce cholesterol.
  3. Olive Oil:Try to include more olive oil whenever you’re cooking. The hormones present in olive oil trick your brain into thinking that your stomach is full. You could even try consuming a tablespoon of olive oil 15 minutes before your dinner in order to eat less.
  4. Green vegetable: Including green vegetables, like lettuce and spinach during your lunch and snack time, in order to feel fuller for longer.
  5. Dark chocolate:It is filled with zinc and helps increase body’s satiety levels. Just make sure that you are getting the kind that is low in sugar and is NOT a MILK chocolate.
  6. Eat Less salt: Stop adding extra salt to your foods. Try and add less salt while cooking. Consuming more salt can make your body retain water and bloat up your stomach.
  7. Avocado: This fruit is filled with Mono-saturated Fats and contains high levels of beta-sitosterol that help to fight belly fat. Try to include more of this fruit in your breakfast and in your salads to increase its benefits.
  8. Banana: Bananas help your body get rid of excess water. The extra amount of potassium that your body gets helps you re-balance the sodium amount. It also helps flush out extra fluid, thus reducing the bloated tummy.
  9. Yoghurt: Eating normal yoghurt promotes the growth of healthy bacteria in our belly and eliminates all bacteria and other issues that cause bloating, thus giving you a flatter stomach.
  10. Berries: They are fibre rich and are a great slim-down snack. The antioxidants present in berries improve blood flow and help you lose more belly fat.
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