5 Things Women Need To know About Men

The more you can understand men and where they are coming from, the more success you’ll have in dating and forming relationships with them. So, here’s 5 Things Women Need To know About Men:

  1. Men Have Emotions

Men might not feel like they have to cry as much, but they do have feelings. They may not wince visibly when you make them carry your emotional burdens, but they’re not made absolutely of stone. They do have some softness, but it’s small and it’s in deep enough that you’d have to take some time to see it. Guess what, the moment they think you’re looking for it is the moment they harden the most.

  1. They Know How to Express Themselves Just Fine

Often, men express themselves differently from women. It is not that they don’t express themselves, their thoughts are organized differently. Every man’s brain is built differently, but in general a man will think differently from a woman.

  1. Men Are a Lot More Like Women Than You Think

Like women, they also have similar feelings and thoughts and desires when it comes to life.

Sometimes, when you don’t know what they’re thinking:

  • It might just be that humans in general can have trouble predicting what other humans are thinking at any given moment.
  • Or It might also have more to do with the human mind than any gender differences.

It’s very important to remember that we’re all individuals, but that we’re a lot alike in some ways, regardless of the stereotypes.

4.Men like Compliments, too

We all know that women like compliments. So do men, Just as much. Men are so used to not hearing them it’ll most likely take them a moment to register what happened. But believe you me, it will brighten their day.

5.They Would Rather Fix Your Problem Than Listen About It

If you go to a man with something bothering you, his first reaction will be to try and fix whatever that is so you can feel better. They know they get points for making you feel better.


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